Shipping Gen Z borrowers and vehicle protection products

What’s shipping, you ask? As a financial services blogger and Millennial who’s desperately trying to keep up with the Youths on social media, I spend a fair amount of time on sites like Urban Dictionary trying to decode Gen Z jargon. Among the more endearing terms this generation has coined is shipped:

Ship (shipping) \ship\ verb

Definition: Usually used as a verb, a term in the fandom world that describes the strong desire of the viewer for two usually fictional characters to end up in a relationship. (e.g. “I am shipping them hard.” or “I ship Nick and Jess.”)

In this blog post, we’re shipping Gen Z and vehicle protection to help financial institutions modernize their approach to offering this point-of-sale product to a new generation of consumers. We’ll also highlight data from a new whitepaper from MX, Gen Z and Millennial Consumer Perspectives on Banking, and provide tips for syncing your messaging with this generation’s unique consumer preferences.


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