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Money makes the world go round, and you should want to save as much as possible so you can spend it however you’d like or need. Here are three simple do-it-yourself projects that can save you a few pennies.

Clean Gutters

Gutters are used to move falling water away from your house. This can prevent damage to your basement, foundation, and lessen erosion around your home. Left unmanaged, the gutters could clog, potentially causing the very damage they’re meant to stop.

Cleaning gutters is simple enough. Grab a ladder and remove all the major debris in the gutter channel and throw it away. All the smaller particles can be removed with a hose. Just run water down the gutter and let the drain do its job. If it doesn’t drain, clean the downspout strainer and make sure the downspout isn’t clogged.

If there is a clog, just remove the downspout and snake it. Once you’ve cleared the obstruction, reattach the downspout and run water through it again. And voila, you’ve saved yourself $100-$200.

Car Air Filter

Believe it or not, your car needs air just like you. If the filter isn’t cleaned or changed regularly, the engine won’t draw the right amount of air into the combustion chambers. When there’s not enough air and too much gas, this will cause your vehicle to run rich. Your car will start to lose power and run unevenly.

Luckily, replacing your filter will take about two minutes. Once you’ve purchased the right filter for your car, pop the hood and locate the current filter. It’ll be in an air filter box or housing. Open the box and pull out the old filter. Once you’ve installed the new filter, close the box and you’re done. This will only save you about $40-$80.

Unclog Your Bathroom Sink Drain

Arguably one of the more disgusting DIY projects, it can also save you a hefty sum of money. Should you have the unfortunate luck of having a backed-up sink, the most surefire way to clear the problem, is to clean the trap from underneath the sink. If you take a moment and stick your head under there, it’s self-explanatory how the trap is connected. You might not even need a tool to loosen the trap.

Once everything is disconnected, pull any debris out and set it in a trashcan or disposable container. If this doesn’t solve the issue, use a plumber’s snake to get the clog fixed. The last possible measure is to use a chemical of some kind. Using a product like Draino, however, is not advised. The harsh chemicals are rough on your pipes. Instead, Google a baking soda/white vinegar/water mix. Liquid-Plumr has a good one.

When all is said this’ll save you $100-$300 for a professional snake job depending on how bad the clog is.

Derek San Filippo

Derek San Filippo

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