Some credit unions say no to EMV chips

by. David Morrison

Fully 17% of credit unions surveyed for a new report on the U.S. debit industry told researchers they do not plan to issue debit cards with an embedded EMV chip. This means these credit unions risk taking all the liability for card fraud from their non-EMV enabled cards after the industry goes through its planned October 2015 liability shift.

The PULSE ATM Network released its 2014 Debit Issuer Study on Tuesday. Research firm Oliver Wyman conducted the study for the report.

Five percent of the credit unions surveyed said they already issue debit cards with EMV chips embedded and 78% said they planned to issue the cards in 2015. The survey found that 14% of all debit card issuers said they would not issue debit cards with the embedded chip, with 22% of community banks saying they would not do so and 4% of large banks.

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