Sometimes you just have to swing the bat

Sometimes you just have to swing the bat. This was a phrase my old boss would say. This was just one of many that were just as amusing, give or take a laugh or two.

Procrastination. I am famous for it. I actually don’t think many people know this about me. Now, you all know.

I am rarely late with an assignment. I rarely miss a deadline. I cringe at the thought of having to say “’Can I take an extra day?” I roll my eyes at my children when they say “I’ll do it after I finish this YouTube video I am making” or something else that is obviously much more important than whatever I am asking them to do. But, when it comes to writing something that is supposed to be inspirational or insightful or thought-provoking, I have an issue. It is like writer’s block comes over me, and for those of you that do know me, I am really never at a loss for words.

The problem is my focus. I know my topic. I know what I am trying to say. I know the point I want to make. What I don’t know is my first sentence. I need it. It’s like a strong cup of morning coffee for my blank Word page. And so, I wait. I run it through my head. In the shower. As I am stirring my coffee or yes even pouring my evening cocktail. The moment of awakening always comes. It hits me in the first sentence. I grab it and, I’m off and running and can jam out hundreds of words easily. But, as my previous president used to say, swing the bat.

He is right – as much as I really, really don’t want to admit it. Sometimes you do just have to swing the bat.


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