Sparking Innovation at Your Credit Union

It seems like times are changing faster than ever before. Technology is evolving at a break-neck pace, competitors are coming at us in all shapes and sizes, and our economy is behaving in a way we’ve never experienced. How is a credit union supposed to keep up? Our best bet for the future lies in the innovative spirit of our employees.

But how do we spark that innovation? Below are three easy steps for creating innovation in your credit union.

Surround Yourself with Innovative People

Look for people with diverse interests. Innovative people are able to take two seemingly disparate things and draw parallels between them. Ideas come from other ideas. An innovative person will look at one solution and ask, “Can this solution be applied to the problem I am working on?”

People who have diverse interests have more exposure to different reference points. For example, my credit union in Seattle (Verity Credit Union) was granted an Innovator of the Decade Award from Net.Banker.

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