How to spend your money if you ever win the lottery

The winner of Friday night’s $540 million Mega Millions lottery no longer has to worry about money — but odds are you do. It’s nice to dream, but when comes to getting rich, our friends at the personal magazines know best.


Money magazine goes holistic this month and devotes nine pages to its cover story, “Get Healthy, Get Wealthy.” This virtuous circle can easily be broken, Money says, by stress over money woes: “Workers who worried about their finances reported being distracted 12.4 days a year — what’s called ‘presenteeism’ — vs. 8.6 days for their more relaxed peers.” Other Money factoids include the value of a full night’s sleep (5 percent higher pay) and the worth of regular exercise (7-to-12 percent higher pay). The magazine reports that, among older Americans, the healthiest 20 percent boast non-401(k) assets of $748,500, whereas the unhealthiest 20 percent limp along with $206,500. As for where to live, the Time Inc. title lists 10 cities heavy on that healthy-wealthy thing. We New Yorkers didn’t make the cut — a price we pay for living in the city that never sleeps.

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