Stand Out to Your SEGs

Offer real value to sponsor employees

By Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Mark Arnold, CEO of On The Mark Strategies, Carrollton, Texas, believes cohesive branding is most important when it comes to select employer group marketing strategies.

“It’s about developing your brand with every SEG you serve,” says Arnold. “Take time to develop your strategy and analyze your goals. Study the areas you serve, and match your products with SEG needs.” It also means taking the time to do a thorough analysis of what groups you’re trying to serve.

In addition, you need to decide what your CU’s value proposition is—what makes your institution unique.

“It should resonate, differentiate and substantiate your core business—and your brand,” states Arnold. Many institutions have convenient or low-cost products; that’s not what sells. It’s the value proposition that adds something special and makes people want to do business with you.

Determining your value proposition can take some serious soul-searching. Talk to staff and current members; talk to the market you want to reach. Network with business development staff; they know how members view your institution’s value. Take time to hone your strategy. Arnold also suggests having an external resource provide a situational analysis.

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