The state of referral marketing by Referral SaaSquatch

It’s no secret that marketers are using an increasing amount of their time and resources with marketing technology. With marketing software spending is projected reach $32B+ by 2018 according to Radius.

Digital marketing teams are bouncing around between marketing automation platforms, customer relationship management software and content management systems to do their jobs effectively.

The marketer’s influence in the organization when it comes to purchasing technology has steadily increased and CMOs will outpace CIOs in terms of purchasing power in 2017 according to Gartner.

As marketing continues to influence technology purchases, their scope has widened and are being tasked with influencing the post-purchase customer experience. Marketing teams are investing in customer retention, referral, loyalty and advocacy software to hit key customer lifecycle performance benchmarks set by their executive teams.

To help marketers understand the performance benchmarks for referral marketing campaigns Referral SaaSquatch put together a well-designed infographic. Their Data Science team led by their VP of Marketing, Brandon Gains based their research off of one month’s referral marketing performance data from their consumer and enterprise business partners.

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