Staying Power: Traditional #marketing remains relevant

Out with the old, in with the new. All too frequently in marketing, we find ourselves uttering those words. It seems the “next big thing” often causes us to quickly abandon our tried and true marketing techniques.

In today’s digital landscape, it can be all too easy to consider such things as direct mail and billboards outdated. However, these more traditional techniques should still have a place in your strategic marketing plan. They can, in fact:

  • Differentiate you from the competition. As traditional marketing tactics take a dip among your competitors, consider revitalizing them for your own campaigns. Such things as printed coupons and thank you letters can be a pleasant surprise for consumers used to digital coupons and emails.
  • Engage more of the senses. Tangible marketing materials, like mailings, giveaway items and business cards, give consumers something they can hold in their hands. Such items cut through the clutter of the digital space and can have more staying power than digital offerings. After all, it takes more effort to dispose of a tangible object than it does to delete an email.


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