Still Relevant: Credit union website compliance

I had the occasion this past week to spend time with marketing folks to discuss compliance issues, and was reminded that website compliance is still a good thing to revisit from time to time. So, the following checklist is designed to get you thinking about key issues to consider when developing your own website compliance checklist. Please keep in mind this checklist is provided as an overview of these issues. It’s important that your credit union staff, vendors, counsel, etc. have in-depth knowledge of these areas.

Use of Logos and Pictures

  • Do any pages have materials with copyrights, trademarks, or service marks (including photos or drawings)? Make sure you have appropriate approvals to use or link to these materials.
  • Is the NCUA advertising statement—or its short version, accompanied by the NCUA logo—on all pages advertising deposit account products? (§740.5 of NCUA Rules and Regulations)
  • Is the Equal Housing logo on all pages advertising real estate-related loans?
  • Are there pictures or drawings of human images? Look at the entire site for the possibility of encouraging some types of applications and discouraging others on any prohibited basis (§701.31 of NCUA Rules and Regulations and §1002.5 of Regulation B)
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