Stopping fraud from the inside out

Cultivate a culture that both ‘thinks before it clicks’ and is accountable to strict security policies.

Research conducted by Clearswift shows that 42 percent of all data breaches are caused by internal security lapses. That’s a staggering percentage considering it only takes one data breach to impact the entire customer base of a business, as was the case with the recent Marriott breach.

Internal security breaches can happen in a number of ways, but more often than not they occur when an employee clicks on or opens a suspicious email. And hackers are getting more sophisticated in their approaches. A Tech Republic study found that emails impersonating someone familiar to the recipient were up a staggering 50 percent in one quarter alone.

While we must all be vigilant about stopping fraud, it’s particularly important for credit union employees because they work hands-on with so much member data. How can credit unions ensure their systems and data are secure when all it takes is one bad e-mail click or attachment to put it all at risk?


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