Strategic Planning Sessions – 4 Focus Areas

Credit unions that conduct their strategic planning sessions in the fall are probably starting to discuss agendas, areas of focus, facilitators, etc.

The key to a successful planning session is focus – an intense focus on a few key areas.  Like any senior level meeting, the discussions can go off on tangents and wind up on topics that really have nothing to do with strategic planning at all. If you are spending most of your time talking about non-planning topics, you run the risk of missing some golden opportunities.  Now, a good facilitator (ahem….) will know how to gently and respectfully redirect conversations back to where they should be.  Even so, it is vital that those attending your strategic planning session understand that there are a few non-negotiable areas/topics that absolutely must be discussed.

Here are 4 such topics:

Review your value proposition – Too often, we get caught up in the minutia of day-to-day operations that we forget to keep our focus on the credit union’s value proposition.  It often amazes (and disappoints) me that attendees at strategic planning sessions have absolutely no idea how to define their credit union’s value proposition.  Yet, at the same time, they are perfectly willing to set strategic goals for the credit union.  How can that be?  First, you need to know who you are…then and only then can you be prepared to set direction.

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