Strengthening our vision of an advanced digital ecosystem

My first six months at CO-OP as Chief Product Officer have been exciting to say the least. Even with two decades of experience in the payments and technology industry, I am still discovering new paths to product innovation.

Shifting technology, changing consumer behaviors and new fintech entrants are challenging credit unions to evolve the member experience. That can be overwhelming, particularly when today’s transformation requires integration of multiple partners and solutions.

To simplify the experience for our partner credit unions, we’ve reimagined our solutions lines to better align with the needs of your members and you. Our solutions are now organized as portfolios of answers focused on the various challenges you face. This multifaceted CO-OP ecosystem offers a single source for the products, technology and thought leadership required in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. I am pleased to introduce the new CO-OP solution lines and the leaders who will be driving innovation within each line.


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