Student Borrowing Survey Results Make an Impression

Credit Union National Association’s Student Borrowing Survey, which found half of high school seniors have no idea what college will cost, has been duly noted by bankruptcy lawyers, accountants and economic education groups, who are citing CUNA’s results as one more reason for financial education.

San Diego bankruptcy attorneys at the Golden State Law Group, which represents businesses and individuals in financial difficulty, in a press release cited most of the survey’s findings, saying they “find the results of this survey troubling, as it indicates that not enough people who are going to take out student loans are aware of the true nature of these obligations. Student loan debt is generally not a type of debt that can be discharged in a bankruptcy case in the absence of relatively rare circumstances.”

The law firm, seeing a business opportunity, encouraged people struggling with student loan debt to contact it for a free initial consultation.

The accounting industry is also taking note, with articles in CP (April 22) and (April 25). Both cite the survey.

The Council for Economic Education (CEE), which hopes to implement a National Standards for Financial Literacy as a framework for content and skills it believes should be contained in K-12 personal finance curriculum, said that personal finance isn’t being taught enough in U.S. schools (

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