Superpower: Time manipulation

While we all have 24 hours in a day, some of us know how to use that time better than others. Let’s hack into those 24 hours and see if we can’t get more out of them…

Account for your time

The easiest way to start down the path of time manipulation is to decide where you are spending the time you currently have. You may think a task is only taking you a half-hour when the reality is it is eating up an entire hour! 

A simple way to begin accounting for your time is to download a free app like RescueTime or Toggl. Download one of these apps and track your time for a week. The information you obtain will make it easy for you to adjust your time accordingly.

Plan ahead

Always wake up with a plan. Plan for the next day by:

  • Spending 15 minutes at the end of each day, organizing your desk and composing a list of the most critical items for the next day. 
  • To start your day, take a look at your list from the night before and plan to do those critical items when you are at your most productive. 

Buffer time

When you are planning your time, give yourself a buffer. Though it might seem practical to jump from one thing right into something else, it’s rarely a smooth transition. It is essential to take time to medicatate, walk or daydream, and the human brain can only focus about 90-minutes at a time. 

Scheduling some buffer-time can help you stay on task and be on time for meetings. 

Say “No”

You can only handle so much. It is important to realize when you have a full plate. It is okay to decline things until you have time to accommodate more.


Robbie Young

Robbie Young

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