Tablets’ Popularity May Call for How Credit Unions Leverage Apps’ Appeal


The Rundown

  • Nearly 120 million consumers set to own tablets by end of the year.
  • Experts advise credit unions to leverage the tablet app differently from other tech channels.
  • Tablet app may help retain members and appeal to prospective members.

Just when many credit unions are catching up with member demands for mobile phone banking, yet another strong trend is emerging among consumers: tablet banking.

By the end of this year, nearly 120 million Americans will be tapping their tablets, and they’ll be expecting their financial institutions to offer an app, according to industry data.

While credit unions may be tempted to think tablet banking is identical to other technology channels like their website and mobile phone, industry and credit union executives say the tablet channel is different in that it can open a good opportunity to retain members and appeal to prospective young members.

So just how popular are tablets becoming?

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