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Melody and harmony in core processing

Melody and harmony in core processing

If you are a musician or musically inclined, you may understand this comparison more than others: Core processing is the melody, while third-party products provide the harmony. The melody is the tune that is sung [...]

Core wars: DNA gains while Fiserv loses Acumen

By Robert McGarvey It was late January when the Brookfield, Wis.-based Fiserv rocked the core system universe, announcing it had acquired competitor and DNA core architect Open Solutions for roughly $1 billion, much of [...]

Should You Outsource Your Core Processing?

Should You Outsource Your Core Processing?

Outsourcing has long played a valuable role in many credit unions’ IT strategies. Today, many forces are driving credit unions to consider outsourcing—and the benefits they can gain from a successful provider partnership are [...]

Small Credit Unions Turn to Hosted Cores

BY ROBERT MCGARVEY The Rundown About 30% of CUs use a hosted core. Small credit unions particularly find many benefits besides cost savings. If CU regulators push for off-site cores, the rush will be on. [...]

Credit Unions & Community Banks Overpay For Core Services

Credit unions and community banks aren't doing themselves any favors in negotiating information technology (IT) service provider contracts, according to a survey of executives about their top business concerns and management priorities. Instead, community financial [...]

Core War Battlefield So Far Produces No Clear Victor

Fiserv vs. Symitar vs. Everyone Else In the $250 Million and Up Class BY ROBERT MCGARVEY Somebody is winning. Somebody is losing. Just don’t expect an easy to decipher who will win the battle [...]

During Core Switch, Credit Unions Evolves With It

During Core Switch, Credit Unions Evolves With It

by Michelle Harbinak Shapiro Whether it’s due to limited workflow functionality or an inability to integrate well with other systems, switching cores is a growing trend in the credit union industry. With more consumers [...]

‘Trick Out’ Your Core With ECM

By Michelle Harbinak-Shapiro Core banking providers have been taking over the headlines lately. It reminds me of how the geniuses at Cornerstone Advisors effectively used pop culture to urge financial institutions to overhaul their cores [...]

“Trick Out” Your Core

“Trick Out” Your Core

Michelle Shapiro, Hyland Software Core banking providers are taking over the credit union headlines lately. It reminds me of how the geniuses at Cornerstone Advisors effectively used pop culture to urge financial institutions to overhaul [...]

Outsourcing Offers Headache Relief

By Dianne Molvig With outsourcing, the vendor takes care of disaster recovery and compliance. Duke University Federal Credit Union, Durham, N.C., switched to outsourced core processing seven years ago, when outsourcing was less common [...]

‘Our Computer Away from Home’

By Dianne Molvig Outsourcing core processing frees up valuable staff time. Cost analysis steered $16 million asset Acadian Federal Credit Union, Lafayette, La., toward outsourcing its core processing with Symitar in early 2012. “You always [...]

Outsourced Core Processing Can Ease Staffing Concerns

The departure of a lead information technology (IT) person spurred $70 million asset Cintel Federal Credit Union in Cincinnati to shift to outsourced core processing in 2011, says CEO Bill Zimmer. He knew hiring a [...]

Hybrid Core Processing Frees Up Resources

By Dianne Molvig Hosted service model is a blend of in-house and service bureau systems. Giving up the control that an in-house core processing system provides can be a big sticking point among information technology ([...]

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