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Partner centric cloud ecosystems – It works!

All organizations use third-party providers in the communication supply chain to deliver customer communications on their behalf. Outsourcing these activities can save money, but most businesses struggle with vendor management and inefficiencies that result with [...]

Brand Benefits and Control

Brand Benefits and Control

The term “Web-to-Print” is one that is familiar to most people in the document management and printing industries. But if you are a corporate marketing professional you may not be as familiar with the concept [...]

Cloud Centric, Customer Focused, Enagagement Platforms

Corporate Communications have been ignored and pushed to the back office for far too long. As a result, brand managers and corporate marketing executives often struggle to provide a consistent brand experience across all outbound [...]

Top Three Trends for 2013

Three Top Trends for 2013 Now that we see 2012 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to reset the GPS to identify and map the technical and communication trends that will shape what we [...]

Relationship Marketing – Brand Builders Drive Customer Loyalty

It seems there is no shortage of marketing strategies aimed at improving the performance of any organization. For brand builders , the concept of “Relationship Marketing” may be one to consider as a powerful way to [...]

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