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The importance of the press release

The importance of the press release

Your marketing department focuses on creating advertising and promotions that open new accounts. You may even use branding-style advertising to keep your financial institution’s name in front of the public. Event and sponsorships might [...]

Marketers, don’t let legal write your website copy

by: Joe Swatek A visit to a financial institution’s website reminded me how too often website copy is composed by people who know nothing about good marketing practices. Your website is a high-profile marketing [...]

Stop trying to attract everyone in your advertising

Stop trying to attract everyone in your advertising

by: Joe Swatek Many advertisers, including credit unions, waste advertising budgets by producing ads that don’t attract the audience who most want the product or service they’re promoting. With a little care and [...]

When it comes to social proof, we think alike

When it comes to social proof, we think alike

by: Joe Swatek As a financial services marketing professional, your job is to persuade likely prospects to open new accounts and take advantage of services at your institution. That description almost makes it sound simple. [...]

Are you marketing or spending?

Are you marketing or spending?

by: Joe Swatek The Super Bowl is coming up and soon the pre-game hype will start over this year’s crop of commercials. One of the favorite all-time Super Bowl commercials showed a young boy [...]

Your prospects are emotional

by: Joe Swatek Financial services marketers often focus so much on their financial institution and their product they forget to appeal to what the prospect, customer, or member really wants from the banking product or [...]

5 tips for planning your special event marketing

by. Joe Swatek I’ve often helped financial services marketers create materials for their special promotions or events. Using insights from those projects, I have some suggestions that serve as guidelines to help you with [...]

Could a quiz help your campaign?

by. Joe Swatek Pop Quiz: Have you thought about quizzes as an aid to your financial institution’s marketing projects? A couple of weeks ago, I read an article where the writer discussed quizzes and [...]

Post-Its pop for eye-appealing promotion

by. Joe Swatek A simple letter can become far more eye-appealing with the use of a colorful Post-It Note message. This is another marketing technique to file away for use when it can be most [...]

Turn branding into an account-opening offer

by. Joe Swatek One of your financial institution’s executives comes to your marketing department and says to you, “I want you to announce the anniversary we have coming up.” Your first thought is, “Great, [...]

A “tip” for eye-catching mail personalization

by. Joe Swatek There’s the saying, “Everything old is new again.” That’s not only true for fashions and trends, it’s true for marketing materials, too. You can add an eye-catching personalized message [...]

Get attention. Get your offer opened.

by. Joe Swatek Everyone seems to agree that the key to a successful direct mail marketing campaign is to convince the prospect to look inside the mail piece so you can sell your idea. While [...]

Ruin your promotions with weak headlines

by. Joe Swatek I guess my headline above tells you how I feel about this topic. Weak headlines are one of the easiest aspects of a promotion to correct, yet one of the most common [...]

How to market more with less money

by. Joe Swatek It’s a familiar complaint among financial services marketers. You’re expected to improve results and use new marketing channels, but with no increase in budget. Likely, your marketing budget was slashed [...]

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