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More than Half of Consumers Pay No Bank Fees

More than Half of Consumers Pay No Bank Fees

by. Tom Believe it or not, two-thirds of all consumers say they are spending $3.00 per month or less on bank fees. In fact, more than half of consumers say they are paying no [...]

Americans Pulling Money Out of Banks

Americans Pulling Money Out of Banks

American bank accounts have gotten noticeably smaller this year as mom-and-pop investors have begun to embrace risk. By Jeff Cox, CNBC Deposit balances in insured banks have fallen by $51 billion-a small amount relatively speaking, [...]

Consumers Rank Available Financial Services

A recent study on financial services shows a high demand among consumers for identity theft alerts, same-day bill pay and others. The report was produced by Market Rates Insight Inc., which examined 13 developing financial [...]

Banking Digital Divide Linked to Age, Other Factors

Survey: Younger consumers gravitate more toward online and mobile but 65 percent of boomers use online banking The latest consumer study conducted by Market Rates Insight shows a link between consumers’ age group and their [...]

Increasing Savings With Promotional C.D. Rates

By ANN CARRNS Earlier this week, Bucks wrote about using “laddering” of certificates of deposit as a way to eke out extra interest on your savings. The Web site NerdWallet has done an analysis of [...]

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