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Ideation CPR – How to stop thinking and start doing

by. Michael Hudson Ideas are seductive. They move us beyond what we know, to consider what might be. They allow us to tap our inner genius as we explore possibilities without limits. Ideas can frustrate. [...]

10 Quick Quotes to Stimulate Your Thinking

By Kristie Wimmer The Ohio Council of CUES hosted an educational meeting in early May featuring Michael Hudson, Ph.D., president of Credit Union Strategy in Rehoboth Beach, Del. Hudson is a quotable guy, and [...]

It’s Not Easy, But It Is Simple

It’s Not Easy, But It Is Simple

by Michael Hudson WARNING:  This post has the potential to dramatically change the success of your credit union in 2013. It also has the potential to feel a bit like a rant, but that is [...]

The Importance of Monitoring the Key Threat to Your Existence

by Michael Hudson Earlier this month I accompanied my wife to the National Association of Realtors Convention in Orlando.  I always find attending conferences in other industries enlightening and stimulating, and this one was no [...]

7 Words to Omit from Your 2013 Action Plan

by Michael Hudson It’s that time again. The ideas have been shared, the options have been discussed, the critical decisions have been made, and the planning session is coming to an end. Everyone agrees [...]

Five Important Guidelines for Focus Groups

By Michael Hudson Several recent conversations with credit union clients have centered on the idea of using focus groups as part of an internal cultural assessment, while others are looking to focus groups to help [...]

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