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NCUA Board to vote final MBL rule today

The NCUA Board today will vote on a final, revised member business lending rule that is expected to remove prescriptive underwriting criteria and personal guarantee requirements, thus eliminating the current waiver process. If the rule [...]

NCUA board to vote on final MBL rule

The NCUA board announced the agenda Thursday for its next open board meeting on Feb. 18. According to the agenda, the NCUA board will vote on its final revised rule on member business loans, as [...]

Say it aint so: McWatters slated to leave NCUA board

I knew it was too good to last. Suddenly, in August of 2014, the NCUA board included a real life, unabashed  strict-constructionist lawyer and fierce advocate of credit union  flexibility. Now he’s leaving to [...]

NCUA Board finalizes escrow account rule

The NCUA Board finalized its proposed rule ensuring parity in coverage of escrow accounts in a unanimous vote during its meeting Thursday. The rule implements last year’s Federal Credit Union Act revisions, which were [...]

Final IOLTA rule scheduled Dec. 17

The NCUA Board expects to finalize its proposed rule for implementing last year’s Federal Credit Union Act revisions ensuring parity in coverage of Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts and “other similar escrow” accounts during [...]

NCUA board approves risk-based rule

The NCUA board approved its risk-based capital rule, which included only a few changes to the risk weights proposed in January. First, the final rule reduced the risk weight for equity investments in CUSOs, corporate [...]

President Obama to nominate McWatters for NCUA board

President Obama to nominate McWatters for NCUA board

Mark McWatters will be President Barack Obama's pick to fill a National Credit Union Administration board seat when it is vacated by board member Michael Fryzel, whose term ended Aug. 2 this year. The president [...]

Rick Metsger, Confirmed to NCUA Board

Rick Metsger, Confirmed to NCUA Board

Rick Metsger, shortly after being confirmed last night by the Senate to a term on the NCUA Board, received a call of congratulations from NAFCU President and CEO B. Dan Berger. “We look forward to [...]

Stabilization Assessment Expense Taken In July

Now that NCUA has declared the 8-basis-point assessment for corporate stabilization, the agency says credit unions should record that expense for this July. The assessment, declared last Thursday by the NCUA Board, will be based [...]

NCUA Board Poised To Set Stabilization Assessment

The NCUA Board is set to decide this year’s corporate stabilization assessment during its July 25 open meeting, which will also include a quarterly report on the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, a [...]

Rick Metsger Up For Senate Banking Vote

Rick Metsger Up For Senate Banking Vote

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson, D-S.D., is hoping to have a quorum of the committee present this morning to vote and report out the nomination of Rick Metsger to the NCUA Board, among [...]

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