Take the plunge!

World Council recently issued its 2021 Global Regulatory Update. It is designed to look ahead or prognosticate on what the main regulatory issues will be for credit unions. This year was particularly difficult to compile, mainly because of the uncertainty of the many regulatory relief items that have been put in place due to COVID-19 and trying to contemplate how regulatory bodies will provide for an orderly withdrawal of those measures. On top of that, it seems somewhat cruel to discuss other regulatory changes when many credit unions, their employees and their members are overwhelmed trying to cope with the pandemic.

But if anything, this crisis has taught us all how to be agile and creative so that we can come out of this together—and probably even stronger and better than ever. We know things will be different and that our old ways will not work. Burying our heads in the sand is not the answer on how to overcome our trials and tribulations.

So, go ahead, dive in, take the plunge. Check out the 2021 Global Regulatory Update and read up on upcoming changes in Sustainable Finance, Digitization, AML/CFT, Payments and more.


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