Take these steps if you did your taxes wrong

You know that feeling when finish writing an email, press “send” and immediately realize you made a mistake (aka one of the worst feelings ever)?

Once you’re done yelling, “Nooooo!” you likely start writing a corrected message. That’s essentially what you have to do if you make a mistake when filing your taxes.

Go ahead, freak out for a minute, then get going on fixing the problem. On its website, the Internal Revenue Service says your next step depends on the mistake you made: “Many mathematical errors are caught in the processing of the tax return itself so you may not need to correct these mistakes,” the website says.

If you forgot to attach a schedule (forms you need to prepare in addition to your tax return, which the IRS requires for certain types of income or deductions), the IRS will reach out to you and ask for the missing information. In some cases, like if you didn’t report all your income or you forgot to claim a credit, you will need to file an amended return.

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