Tap into staff’s emotional intelligence

Outstanding organizations engage employees in their mission through consistent, clear communication

While most employees are willing to give more than ever, the methods to engage your staff’s hearts, minds, and energy have changed says training and development consultant Crystal Jonas, president of Tap Your Genius Inc.

Employees are looking for on-the-job autonomy, mastery, and a defining purpose from their leaders, she says. Outstanding service organizations tap into employees’ “emotional intelligence” and use consistent, clear communication to engage staff fully in their defining missions.

But only 41% of employees understand what distinguishes their company from their competition.

“Hard work is not the goal,” says Jonas. Using the example of Sisyphus from Greek mythology, who was cursed with pushing a giant rock up a mountain for eternity, Jonas says the best leaders “connect boulder-pushing with community-building.”

Recognition of team members is important, but leaders must practice discernment, Jonas says. That means all employees should be recognized for their unique contributions to the team, yet only the high performers should be rewarded.

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