Tattoos not taboo on Tuesdays in Texas

Many credit union employees who are proud of their tattoos must cover them up in the workplace.

To bridge this gap, Alliance Federal Credit Union in Lubbock, Texas, created a compromise that pleases everyone—including the many beneficiaries of the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation (CCUF).

Employees of the $225 million credit union can show their tattoos—so long as they’re appropriate—on Tuesdays in return for a small donation to CCUF, which offers grants for financial education, professional development, and disaster relief.

“Seems we live in a world of ‘tats’ and ‘hats.’ From this baby boomer, these two things had their place and it was not anywhere in professional workplaces,” says Scott Rose, Alliance Federal CEO. “Tattoo Tuesdays allow the credit union and staff to raise money for the Foundation while having a little fun.”

Employees who aren’t inked can get in on the fun by donning temporary tattoos for Alliance Federal or Texas Tech University, which also is based in Lubbock.

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