Tech Time: Automation helps credit unions bridge IT talent gaps

Managed workload automation can help manage talent shortages in the wake of the Great Resignation by offloading repetitive tasks.

Whether you call it “The Great Resignation,” “The Great Renegotiation” or “The Great Reshuffle,” the fact is that credit unions cannot ignore how talent shortages are affecting their capacity to innovate and meet the demands of members.

Implementing workload automation and orchestration software is the most practical solution for credit unions facing workforce challenges, as it considerably reduces the requirement for staff to carry out repetitive, process-oriented tasks. WLA&O requires fewer IT workers, enabling the reallocation of existing talent to concentrate on the most important, strategic initiatives. This tactic can be a game-changer for organizations that are struggling to find the talent they need to advance.

To fully profit from the operational advantages of WLA&O software, credit unions are increasingly in need of assistance with implementation, management and optimization—and automation management can turn into a full-time job for many institutions. To execute dynamic automation amid staffing woes, managed automation services are the key.

The Mission of MAS

A third-party MAS team—automation experts who can help with the setup, monitoring and maintenance of automated systems—adds an extra layer of support, particularly for a credit union with complicated IT infrastructure. By incorporating error logic into workflows and across operations, MAS aids in process optimization and incident response management.


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