Tech Time: RACI Matrices

by Jim Benlein, CISA, CISM

A critical aspect in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of credit union operations—and of technology projects in particular—lies in establishing roles and responsibilities and creating clear lines of communication. Who’s working on this? Who’s in charge? Who’s been told about this? These important questions need to be answered for both new initiatives and ongoing operations. This article will examine a method for this, provide some examples, and note some benefits of this method for your CU.

RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) Matrices (or charts, as they are sometimes called) provide a simple visual way to provide information on people and their responsibilities for a given project or ongoing process. RACI matrices plot out specific tasks or objectives in a project or process and who is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed for these items. In a bit more detail…

Responsible. People designated as responsible do the work or designated task. Depending on the task, these may be internal employees or contracted third-party employees.

Accountable. The person (note the singular reference) designated as accountable is the individual overseeing/managing/signing off on the work or task. A task should have only one person accountable for decisions/performance/results.

Consulted. People designated as consulted are used as experts or references for the completion of the task. Communication with consulted individuals is two way with advice and information flowing back and forth.

Informed. Informed individuals are kept up to date on progress or completion of the task. Distinct from consulted, communication with informed individuals is one way. (That is, the informed individuals receive information.)

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