Technology, timing, and transitions

Next month’s DCUC Annual Conference is focused on the role of emerging technology and how credit unions can (and should) consider transitioning to better platforms and applications to serve their members. These discussions are nothing new. Yet, recent headlines in the trade press indicate there is more work to be done. Ransomware, artificial intelligence limitations, economies of scale constraints are all factors in making these tough decisions. However, one thing is clear—the time to make these transitions is now… Or never.

To lead these discussions, we have lined up some fantastic speakers who follow the latest technological shifts and can provide some sound advice for our attendees to consider when back in the board room. We will also have all three NCUA Board members who can articulate where the agency is targeting the latest in regulatory oversight of artificial intelligence, fintech, and data protection. If you have not heard directly from these leading-edge speakers recently, this is your chance to update your currency on tech issues.

Additionally, DCUC is sponsoring the Filene Research Institute’s Emerging Technology Center of Excellence to help shape future discussions. We know that if defense credit unions are not talking about the impact of technology on the modern military member, then nobody is thinking about solutions. For example, there are special considerations for military members, including the need to maintain operational security, additional personal and family safety issues, accommodations for wounded warriors, and a multitude of spouse considerations for deployed members. These topics need to be part of the conversation about technology because they impact how you serve your members.


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