The 5 Most Genius Saving Money Strategies

You know about brewing coffee at home and bringing a sack lunch to work. Still, you’re looking for other ways to save money. You want money-saving strategies that aren’t obvious, but will help you to build funds consistently.

We tapped a few experts in the field of personal finance to find you the best saving money strategies, which can help you to get your new financial year off to a cracking start.

1. Save to Splurge

Certified Financial Planner Christopher V. Kimball puts a new twist on old ideas. He urges people to earmark a certain portion of their weekly income for a regular savings account. They should offset this money by forgoing unnecessary expenses like the soda machine or grande lattes.

The difference between this strategy and others? Kimball suggests that once the fund reaches a certain amount (say, $1500), you then take 15 percent of what you’ve saved and blow it on something totally frivolous. The rest gets dumped into a long-term savings or investment instrument, like a certificate of deposit.

This allows you the best of both worlds: Spending money on things that you want while planning for your financial future. “Just having that little incentive of guilt-free spending makes a big difference in people’s attitudes about saving,” he says.

2. Equate Spending with Fewer Golden Years

Ryan Ferrell, a Senior Manager at Scientific Communications, believes people think about the money they spend all the wrong way. “Don’t think about prices, nor how many hours it takes for you to earn that money, but how many months of retirement you sacrifice,” he says.

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