The benefits of IT staff augmentation

IT staff augmentation refers to supplementing your team with new employees who can pitch in when needed. For a small business or startup, it isn’t a matter of replacing key personnel, but about freeing them up so they can focus on enterprise-specific matters. For instance, instead of a CIO answering high-priority Help Desk tickets, they can instead work out a navigational pathway on the website that makes the most sense for visitors. We look at the many ways that teams can benefit when they have some of that pressure removed from their shoulders.

More Flexibility

One constant stumbling block for small businesses and start-ups is finding the best ways to scale. Because workflows are constantly changing, even small shifts can end up causing multiple headaches for the entire chain of command. Staff augmentation gives IT leaders a way to find people with the exact skills needed for specific projects.

This doesn’t just free mental bandwidth for decision-makers, it’s a way to improve quality control over the work. Outside organizations, like a reputable managed service provider (MSP), can integrate with your current team if and when they’re needed, and then step right on out again to give the in-house team room. So if you’re concerned about overstaffing your company during a 6-month project, this could be the most cost-effective solution if you’d prefer not to lay people off once it’s completed.


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