The best way to sharpen your BSA understanding

Keeping credit unions compliant with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws is one of the most serious responsibilities compliance professionals face in our industry. Unfortunately, with BSA/AML related crimes continuing to evolve, it’s also one of the more significant challenges.

There’s only one place where you can gain current, comprehensive information on BSA/AML challenges and best practices, brought to you through an alliance of two associations dedicated to credit union success. Let’s dive into the top five reasons CUNA BSA/AML Certification Conference with NASCUS is a can’t-miss event.

  1. Protecting your credit union

Unlike other resources, this conference is designed specifically for credit unions by industry experts who understand the unique challenges your organization faces. Keeping compliant is not easy, but with guidance focused on the needs of your credit union, navigating BSA/AML regulations can become much more straightforward.

  1. Protecting your community

BSA/AML crimes like fraud, money laundering and even human trafficking can have serious repercussions for your credit union, but also for your community at large. Your members can rest easier knowing their credit union is under the watchful eye of a Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist (BSACS) once you’ve earned your designation at this event.

  1. Connect with experts

Most of us have at least one burning, ultra-specific question that just can’t be answered reliably with a simple search. At CUNA BSA/AML Certification Conference with NASCUS, you can cut out the guesswork and ask expert speakers like Chris Swecker, former assistant director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who is currently the attorney/fraud and security consultant at Chris Swecker Enterprises.

  1. Build your network

Of course, it’s not just industry experts who you can connect with. This is a huge event for compliance professionals and others within the credit union industry, all of whom can be valuable sources of advice on the regulatory issues you might be facing.

  1. Take it all back with you

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this conference, everything you gain has direct application back at your credit union. Whether it’s actionable lessons, career-long connections or a respected designation, you’ll have ample takeaways to help strengthen both your credit union and your own career.

CUNA BSA/AML Certification Conference with NASCUS will be held November 18-21, 2019 in Tempe, AZ. To learn more or to register, visit

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