The challenge of delivering a great headquarters for a small credit union

A highly functional and performance-oriented headquarters is an impactful asset for a credit union. It will help the credit union stand out in the community, re-energize the organization and brand with a sense of pride and purpose, and function as a recruiting tool to retain and attract the best of the best employees.

Yet there’s a common misconception that this is an expensive initiative only available to the big players.

RiverFall Credit Union in Tuscaloosa, Alabama proved that this isn’t the case. Keep reading to learn the challenges they faced, how we helped the credit union overcome them, and the results that a $120MM (currently $165MM) credit union was able to achieve.

Downtown Tuscaloosa Alabama (think ‘Bama Football and Coach Saban) was experiencing a renaissance, a university town seeing a boom in population and the business community. RiverFall Credit Union had an ideal downtown location that stood out… but not in a favorable way.


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