The CUInsight Experience podcast: Linda White – What can we do (#123)

“Ask your members what they need.” - Linda White

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My guest on today’s show is Linda White, President & CEO at Upward Credit Union. In this episode, we chat about growing credit unions in a highly competitive financial services market, what to keep an eye on for the future of credit unions, navigating a career journey, and much more. Linda is an example of a CEO that began as a teller. She started working in the credit union space at 18 years old, and progressed past any career hiccups or uncertainties.

As someone who values advocacy, Linda opens the conversation to talk about empathy, building relationships with board members, and building a great team. She worked actively on a few credit union movement boards, participated in women-driven professional communities, and also completed the DE program, so those insights provide a backdrop to how she explains these topics. In her role, Linda focuses on advocating for others, paying-it-forward, and mentoring. All these aspects contribute to her efforts of improving the credit union field.

Not only does Linda provide actionable insight from her career journey, she also gives examples of the good and not so great moments of a long career. She expresses her thoughts on being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and knowing how to persevere. Listen to Linda talk about consistently rising to the challenge, managing life in the CEO role, and continuing to learn after years of experience. Through this discussion, Linda assures aspiring professionals that they don’t have to know everything to take on a new role. Enjoy my conversation with Linda White!

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Check out all that Linda and her team are doing at Upward Credit Union here
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In This Episode:
[02:08] – Linda White started as a teller, and gives advice to anyone with their mind set of moving up to a CEO position.
[04:41] – Linda explains the ways that Upward Credit Union differentiates from the credit union space, like early adoption of digital practices.
[07:24] – Listen to Linda share her thoughts on the impact of the DE program in how she provides her expertise and efforts.
[09:38] – What’s the story behind Linda finally deciding to join the DE program?
[11:20] – Linda discusses the technology changes her team implemented that helped create a more flexible and valuable team atmosphere.
[14:00] – Who does Linda surround herself with? Linda touches on the value of connecting with fellow women leaders in CUWLA.
[16:00] – Linda explains her strong tie to advocating for others in need, and how she is able to connect with team members who match the company’s main purpose.
[18:57] – Listen to Linda provide insights on serving members of a credit union, and cultivating board member relationships.
[22:00] – Linda talks about hiccups she experienced earlier in her career.
[24:23] – Linda shares that you don’t have to know everything to take on a new role. What is Linda’s take on managing life in the CEO role?
[27:20] – Linda says that this point of her career is about paying-it-forward and mentoring. 
[29:50] – Hear Linda talk about relaxing, and landscaping.
[32:38] – What happened with high-school-aged Linda and a flat tire while being stranded?
[34:16] – This is the book Linda says she enjoyed despite the fact that she’s more of a tactile learner. Linda answers a few more rapid fire questions.
[37:14] – Remember the member. Walk in their shoes.

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