The difference between how and why

The Brooklyn Nets were a heavy favorite to win it all in the NBA playoffs this year. Emphasis on “were.” They’re currently sitting at home and have been since they lost to the Boston Celtics during the first playoff round in late April.

On the surface, it looked like the Nets were destined for greatness:

  • Two superstars to anchor the team: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
  • A third superstar to add to the mix (James Harden; who was subsequently traded)
  • A first-time head coach who would bring fresh energy to the team

In reality, the head coach was brought in after Durant and Irving said they really didn’t need a coach . They claimed they could fill the role themselves. Irving himself played only 29 games this season. When he did return, he was out of sorts, the team didn’t look like a team and ultimately their season ended in disappointment.


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