The fun social media campaigns keeping these marketers inspired

Social media provides banks and credit unions with a unique opportunity to humanize their brand, but it can be challenging to develop a consistent content strategy that engages people and complements other marketing efforts underway. Sometimes a social media campaign resonates in a way that helps keep marketers inspired, though. Below three marketers share their favorite social media posts and talk about why these stood out.

Social media can get monotonous for the people producing the content. Drafting all those quick Facebook and Instagram captions. Brainstorming funny lines of 180 characters or less for a tweet. Developing concepts for a TikTok video, recruiting tellers to participate and working out the best angles for filming it at a local branch.

What helps keep marketers jazzed through it all are the wins along the way: the posts that spark a lot of engagement and let them know people are paying attention.

For the marketing team at Horizon Credit Union in Spokane, Wash., rolling out the annual Pet Pawsee contest is one of the highlights of the year. People who post photos of their pets on social media using the contest hashtag get a chance to win prizes, including a Chewy gift card and a $1,000 donation to an animal shelter of their choosing.

The campaign, which ran on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from June 8 to July 2, attracts a lot of attention, particularly on Facebook. This year, the Facebook post announcing the winners of the pet contest had 16 shares, 12 comments and more than 50 likes in its first week.


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