The Future of Online Banking: Know Thy Visitor

By Tim Bunch, Web Strategist, Designer and Developer at CapEd FCU

In episode one of this multi-part series on the future on online banking, author Tim Bunch argues that you shouldn’t view online and branches as two separate channels. Instead, online banking should be seen as your biggest — and most important — branch.

Branch Impressions

Credit unions and banks both know the importance of creating a personal and professional experience inside of a branch. Everything is clean. Signs clearly point out what to do. The decor is easy on the eyes and help is never hard to find. At least that is what we hope to achieve.

A recent branch remodel I was involved with cost approximately $2 million USD. It was a much-needed project, and a huge success. The transformation was incredible. The branch went from being dark and gloomy, like a Tim Burton film, to bright and stunning. Why did we do it? We did it to create a better environment that would help cultivate growth.

(Author’s footnote: It’s my opinion that brick and mortar branches are here to stay for a long time, and for a number of reasons. Eliminating physical branches is not what this article is about.)

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