The need for evolution: One of today’s central governance challenges

If your credit union has grown have you re-considered the balance of authority between your board and CEO?

I spent the morning interviewing another credit union board chair. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. I always learn something new, and I leave every encounter feeling a little in awe that they candidly share what’s on their minds … and most importantly, how they think their credit union’s governance could be improved.

Sometimes our interviewees don’t actually know much about formal governance best practices. At other times, given the long tenure of most credit union directors, I’ll note a resistance to change.

But this morning’s interview was different. Yes, the chair was a long-tenured board member—even serving on the credit union’s supervisory committee as a precursor to board service. In fact, their service had started when the credit union’s assets were just about $125 million, and today, they are cresting $2 billion. It’s safe to say that this chair had seen a lot of change during their tenure.


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