The new rules of millennial marketing

Here are five guidelines marketers need to keep in mind when recalibrating their strategy to connect with Millennial consumers

Up to this point, there has not existed a more complex generation than Millennials. Not only are they the largest generation by population size, which has tremendous influence on their role as the leading consumers today, but the environment in which they were raised has cultivated an entirely new approach to their values and way of life. These 75 million individuals grew up in an age of technology and global connections — where handwritten letters only exist in romantic movies and kids learned how to navigate an iPod before learning how to tie their shoes.

With this, unlimited access to diverse knowledge, ideas and experiences is made available to them. This is a generation of ideas and personal choice. This independent generation is all about making their own decisions and customizing things to suit their values, needs and desires. When it comes to marketing, Millennials know what they want, and won’t settle for anything falling short of their expectations. Financial institutions are forced to reevaluate their marketing strategies in order to win the attention and loyalty of this generation.

To help organizations recalibrate their strategy when targeting Millennials, a white paper from Michigan-based ad agency Brogan & Partners provides eight guidelines marketers need to keep in mind. Below you’ll find a summary for five of these new Millennial marketing rules.

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