The next phase of the fintech revolution: Inside the disruption and the challenges facing banking

In this wide-ranging conversation, Bain Capital Ventures' Matt Harris discusses the impact of regulatory changes on the Fintech ecosystem, the challenges facing neobanks and the transformative potential of emerging technologies like generative AI, embedded finance and tokenization.

In this episode of the Banking Transformed podcast, The Financial Brand’s Jim Marous sits down with Matt Harris, a leading investor and thought leader in the fintech space and a partner at Bain Capital Ventures.

As traditional banks, neobanks and fintech firms navigate an increasingly complex and competitive landscape, Harris offers a unique perspective on the future of the financial ecosystem, drawing on his deep industry knowledge and keen eye for disruptive technologies and innovative business models. Here’s the edited Q&A.

Q: How are regulatory changes impacting the Fintech ecosystem and the relationship between traditional banks and non-traditional organizations?

Matt Harris: The thing that’s causing the most waves right now, frankly, is the regulators. We had evolved to this architecture where you had fintechs doing their thing. You had sponsor banks of various types underneath who were actually bearing the regulatory burden and holding the cash — things that only banks can really do.


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