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Growing Pains. Or…growing pains. Ah, now didn’t those two things bring two very different visceral responses?

The former was a beloved, if not a bit cheesy in retrospect, sitcom chronicling the exploits of the Seaver family, of Long Island, New York. There were the kids: Ben, your stereotypical wildchild third youngling; Carol, the middle kidlet trying her darndest to keep that perfect academic record intact; and of course Mike, the oldest offspring and the one most likely to be into mischief-making.

The parents, Maggie and Jason, were a reporter and a psychiatrist, respectively; with Jason working from home while Maggie went to work outside the home.

Growing Pains took us on a journey with the Seavers as they navigated the terrain of two parents and three kids all…well…growing together. And it wasn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it was downright painful.


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