The power of community

Podcast: Founder of 'Crash the GAC' continues to connect people with opportunity.

Since founding The Cooperative Trust and creating the Crasher movement, Brent Dixon has tackled several interesting projects outside the credit union space.

Dixon introduced an interactive vibe to TEDxAustin presentations. He worked for the big data and health startup Walkmore. He contributed to Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive, a group that empowers college students to create ethical, cooperatively run food enterprises.

Most recently, Dixon spent 18 months at the United Nations, where he focused on creating a technology innovation unit.

What’s the common tie between these experiences and his credit union pursuits?

“I really believe in cooperation and the power of community,” Dixon tells CUNA News Podcast. “At the core, learning how to mobilize people and create access where access might not have been granted is important to bringing new ideas into systems that need them.”

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