The power of persuasion

If there is one ability every leader wants, it’s the power to persuade others – to convincingly, and logically, describe an idea and have it resonate with an audience.

I’ve been a lobbyist for more than 25 years, and my entire career has been built around the art and science of persuasion. I have watched and learned from many leaders on how they influence various outcomes and even had some as all-important mentors. To persuade and influence others take practice and experience.

Many successful leaders have this ability.’s Jeff Haden talks about this in a recent article by noting nine ways to be more influential and persuasive. Here are a few of his ideas:

– Start by gaining small “wins.” Don’t jump right to your end game. Start with a statement or proposal that you know others will like and accept.

– Take strong stands. Haden says people prefer advice from someone who is confident – even if not everything said is perfectly accurate.

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