The right approach to member self-service

“People Helping People” Resonates in Age of Self-Service

For the average consumer today, self-service technologies best deliver on their promise of convenience when a little personal attention is woven into the experience. And this is as true in your credit union branches as it is at the airport, the shopping mall or any other public venue.

In fact, while self-service ATMs and kiosks are moving your members and guests through the branch more efficiently than ever, make no mistake – this seamless digital experience is sometimes only possible with the help of a full-service employee.

“Consumers today want to be able to decide how, when and where they do business,” said Nathan Rogers, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for CO-OP Financial Services. “If they can go to a branch and quickly handle the transaction themselves, often they will do that. However, if they want to talk to a teller, they expect one to be there and to be available.”

Self-Service Best Practices

This dynamic is not unique to financial institutions, Rogers says. “When the airlines first introduced self-service kiosks years ago, they had very few employees available to help customers through the check-in process. Today, that is no longer the case. If you are a first-time user of an airline check-in kiosk or are struggling with a complicated transaction, you will likely find a dedicated attendant nearby and ready to assist.”

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