The secret meaning behind your favorite brands’ colors

Believe it or not, but color plays a very important role in how your brand can be perceived by the public. This visually obvious and subtle application has major impacts on the reflection and recognition of your brand. Color can attract attention, change mood and create a lasting recognition in consumers’ minds. For example, when you think of red, you think of Target. Yellow is associated with McDonald’s. Blue is for BYM Agency. OK, maybe that last one is just us, but still, you get the idea. When looking at color options for your brand, it’s important to understand why color matters.

A study of the world’s top 100 brands, as determined by brand value, analyzed each brand’s logo and discovered that 33% of those companies use blue, 29% use red, 28% use black or gray, and 13% use yellow. Why those colors? What are they saying about the brand each logo is associated with? Let’s analyze it.

Red creates a passionate and intuitive response. It’s a color that actually increases your heart rate, causes you to breathe heavier and activates the pituitary gland. When you look at red, you might be feeling these emotions: aggression, energy, provocativeness, passion and power.

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