The single worst piece of money advice a 20-something will ever receive

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of really bad “advice” on the internet. If you dive into the deepest corners of the web, you can find some truly deplorable stuff. But I think I just found something that takes the cake.

I will not link to it here; if you Google GOOGL +0.98% it, you’ll find it easily enough. It’s a new piece on EliteDaily (yes, I know, consider the source), and its headline reads, “If You Have Savings In Your 20′s, You’re Doing Something Wrong.”

It only gets worse from there. While the author (who has not yet responded to a request to comment for this story) is presumably trying to get twenty-somethings to relax about their financial states and just enjoy life, the end result is something akin to financial malpractice. “People who are saving in their 20s are people who don’t set their sights high. They’ve already dropped out of the game and settled for the minor leagues,” she writes. “Your 20s are not the time to save; they’re the time to gamble. $200 a month isn’t going to make the dent that a $60,000 pay raise will after spending all those nights out networking.”

Other quips include: “Don’t waste your youth worrying about expenses when you should be worrying about experiences” and “when you care about your 401k, your life is just ‘k.’”

There’s a lot to address here, but let’s start at the top.  If you have savings in your twenties — any savings at all — you are not doing something wrong. In fact, you are doing something very, very right.

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