The ultimate brand experience

Consumers experience your brand in a number of ways: through their research related to a particular need; through the purchase process; through your customer service in person, online, or by phone; through their use of your product or service; through your presence in their environment; and through word of mouth.

Traditionally, the main consumer experience occurred at the point (or place) of purchase. Today, much of that experience continuum has shifted online. In spite of the increasing reliance on digital channels (or perhaps because of it), consumers have high expectations of their physical interactions with brands. They’re not just looking for good service and attractive, functional retail designthey’re seeking an experience that is memorable and meaningful.

Apple stores are a great example of how brands can offer in-person experience value to consumers. They’re not just a place to buy a product, they’re a place where consumers can interact, experience, learn, share, and feel like part of a community. The stores are consistent but unique, and they’re a seamless extension of other aspects of the Apple brand experience. People go there not only to make a purchase or receive service, but also simply to experience the brand.

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