The value of convenience

Picture your life without your “aha” conveniences.

You’re thinking about costs, the time, the effort, but most of all the convenience of this item.  Why are things convenience to us?  They allow us to go through life and not have to worry about the details.  I consistently strive to use the same rental car company because they do the one thing that all other rental companies don’t do, pick me up and drop me off from my house.  They go above and beyond. No worries with having to have a friend or family member drop me off or pick me up or costly daily parking fees.  Certainly not me.

On my last pick up the representative, Morgan, and I visited and as the conversation went to credit unions she happened to mention how much she loves her credit union.  She proceeded to share her concern about having to move her account when she moved from Houston to Austin.  She continued to tell me she had an “aha” moment and was pleasantly surprised when she learned she was not going to have to close her account because of “Shared Branching.”  Moreover she happily added that she was/is so grateful to her credit union for that unique phenomenon and convenience.

What if your members could take their credit unions with them wherever they go?

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