The weirdest thing I did to save money

by: Christina Lavingia

Personal finance experts are in the business of helping readers save money every day. Although not every tip can apply to every reader, there is a shared goal of imparting financial wisdom to others to help them cope with debt, improve their credit, successfully obtain a home and accomplish a number of other financially based goals. It’s definitely possible to take frugality too far, however, and the quest to save money can quickly turn from the wise to the weird.

We asked 30 major bloggers and personal finance experts to share both the most bizarre things they’ve ever done to save money — and the lessons they learned through the experience.

1. I Scrounged in the Lost and Found for a Free Swimsuit

“I don’t consider it weird, but others I’ve told about this incident find it cringe-worthy,” Jeff Yeager, the Ultimate Cheapskate, said. “I checked into a hotel once, only to realize that they had a swimming pool and I didn’t bring a bathing suit. The clerk at the desk suggested that I buy one at the mall next door. Grimacing, I asked if instead they perhaps had a suit in my size in their lost and found. She proudly produced a nice-looking swimsuit in just my size, and said that I could keep it when I was through, since it had been in their lost and found for more than 30 days. It’s still my favorite suit. Lesson: It never hurts to ask.”


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