There’s always room

I went to Penn State, along with my wife. We’re huge fans.

The 1994 Penn State football team was one of the best ever. But back then, there wasn’t a playoff system. We were ranked #2, and we had to play in the Rose Bowl. Nebraska was ranked #1, and they had to play in the Orange Bowl. Both teams won their game, and Nebraska won the national championship.

Was all that drama a big deal? Nope. But for Penn State fans, that season tends to come up when we gather and chew the fat about the “good ole days.”

Fast forward many years later to my honeymoon.

Mandy and I were in Estes Park, Colorado,just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. When travelling, I like to buy a t-shirt from the local college football team. A local suggested a sports store called “Big Red.”

Upon entering, I was confused. There was nothing there but Nebraska gear. I mean, the entire store was Nebraska Cornhusker gear, and nothing more.

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